Kineton High School aims to provide all pupils with an international curriculum that will allow them to grow into global citizens.

Over the past ten years we have gradually been building a link with Sanghamitta Girls School in Galle, Sri Lanka.  Mrs Morris first visited Sri Lanka in 2006 as part of a Headteacher International Placement Programme.  There she compared the education systems of our two countries, met educational leaders and began the process of developing a partnership.

This early work led to funding which the two schools have used over the years to build an educational partnership between students at both schools.  As well as curriculum projects that are building year on year including Art, Geography, Dance, Citizenship and  Science we have developed an annual exchange programme for students to benefit from.

Students from Kineton have through work experience projects also supported conservation and community projects in South Africa.  Working with Gap Africa students have constructed new children’s playground in Port Elizabeth and Paterson and worked alongside rangers in the Shamwari Game Reserve.

The aim of our programmes is to allow students in both countries to understand the similarities and differences in our two cultures and the shared difficulties which globalisation brings to our communities.  Our hope is that these children and children like them will in the future be able to work together to find solutions to common problems of global, economic, political and environmental change.