Our Vision and Plan


Mission:  To Achieve Personal Best.

Culture:  Honesty, Ambition and Support.

Values:    Respect, Equality, Collaboration and Resilience.


School of Choice

Our vision is to be the school of choice in the community.  We aim for excellence in all we do.  Our very successful, innovative, vibrant school is highly regarded in the community and attracts high calibre staff.  We are committed to equality of opportunity and aim to provide an inspiring, creative and memorable experience for all.  We are expanding the Sixth Form, making KHS the preferred option for those who have already studied here and for those who join us from other schools.  We will continue to provide outstanding provision at post 16.


Outstanding Learning and Achievement

At KHS we have the highest expectations and aspirations for every member of the school community.  We endeavour to maximise students’ skills and talents, empowering them to be creative and resilient.  We are committed to providing the challenge and support necessary for all to develop into confident, independent individuals who achieve their personal best.  Our inclusive learning environment is one where it is ‘cool to succeed’ and where all efforts and achievements are valued and celebrated.  Students are inspired by outstanding teaching and a wealth of opportunities and experiences which provide them with the skills, academic success, values and attributes needed for a healthy, successful and fulfilled adult life.

High quality training and rigorous appraisal underpin our pursuit of learning excellence.  Our students strive to achieve their personal best in their academic achievements and all other endeavours.  Our school systems are robust, effectively delivering value for money and an exceptional learning experience.  Our school improvement priorities are to ensure digital technology, innovation, strong leadership and management and outstanding teaching and learning support student achievement.  The Governing Body provide highly effective challenge and support to our continuous cycle of self-review.


Community School

We are committed to promoting an inclusive environment built on mutual respect and teamwork and an embedded culture of honesty, openness and trust.  Students’ health, happiness and emotional well-being is a key priority.  Students are provided with a range of leadership opportunities.  By working in partnership with families and when necessary, outside agencies, we provide high quality pastoral care and guidance to ensure students feel happy and safe and for them to enjoy strong and rewarding friendships during their time at Kineton.

We value, and are committed to utilising links with the wider community to enhance the learning experience for students.  Strong connections with our feeder primary schools, Higher Education Institutions, and the local business community are fostered and sustained.  As a result of this thriving network of partnerships and collaborative approaches our students develop the employability and personal skills necessary for them to be successful in reaching their personal aspirations.


School Improvement Plan

Please click here to view our School Improvement Plan for 2019-2022.