Parents’ Views

As a school we are always interested in parents’ views therefore we would like to invite parents to complete the 2018 Parents Questionnaire. Please click the link below to answer a short questionnaire about your experience of Kineton High School. The questionnaire will only take a few minutes and responses are greatly appreciated. The deadline for responses is Thursday 29th March.

2018 Parents Questionnaire

Many thanks in advance for completing the questionnaire.

We last surveyed our Parents in the summer of 2015. A summary of the results is included below.

We had 140 responses most of which were from parents of students in Year 7 to 10.

The results show that Parents overwhelming feel their child is safe, happy and well looked after.  They also show that Parents feel that their child is taught well and makes good progress at this school.  All in all a huge endorsement of the school and its ‘family’ approach’.

We were particularly pleased with the following feedback:

  • My child feels safe at this school (96% agree)
  • My child makes good progress at this school (95% agree)
  • My child is happy at this school (95% agree)
  • My child is well looked after at this school (95% agree)
  • My child is taught well (91% agree)

Three priorities have been identified from the questionnaire and are part of the School Improvement Plan.

  • To further improve parents’ knowledge and understanding of the ways in which the school responds to and deals with incidents of bullying and to ensure that the relatively low number of incidences are always robustly dealt with and followed up.
  • To continue to improve the organisation and quality of homework tasks to ensure they make a positive contribution to students’ learning.
  • To ensure all questions and concerns are acknowledged and followed up in a timely manner.

We were particularly delighted with the very positive response to:

  • Would you recommend this school to another parent? (95% agree)

200x200-small-squareParent View is an Ofsted-initiated online questionnaire that allows parents and carers to give their views on their child’s school at any time of the year.

Parent View was produced with the assistance of a panel of parents who helped shape the questions and the way the site functions. The questionnaire covers a range of topics, including quality of teaching, bullying, behaviour and levels of homework. It allows parents to give a view about their child’s school on each issue, with a final question as to whether or not they would recommend the school to other parents.

The questionnaire does not allow free text comments but invites responses to a series of closed questions.

A link to the Parent View website is shown below: