School Performance

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Students’ A/A*mazing GCSE Results Show Kineton Continue To Add Value

Congratulations to all Kineton High School Year 11 students who celebrated outstanding English and Maths results with a record breaking 82% achieving a C grade or above in English GCSE, and 72% in Maths, a result of the hard work and commitment of both students and staff.

In the table below please find the Progress 8 measures for our 2016 cohort.  These represent very good progress for students at Kineton measured  from their Key Stage 2 starting point.  In Maths students on average gained +0.42 of a grade above students nationally with the same starting points, an outstanding achievement.

5+A*-C  incl English & Maths 63.6%
 % achieving English Baccalaureate  31.5%
 % achieving expected progress in English  84%
 % achieving more than expected progress in English  51%
 % achieving expected progress in Maths  79%
 % achieving more than expected progress in Maths  45%
% of students who achieved C+ in Maths and English 70%
Attainment 8 Score 52.42
Progress 8 Score (post exam adjustment) 0.18
English Progress 8 +0.15
Maths Progress 8 +0.42
Ebacc Progress 8 +0.29


Key Stage 4 breakdown of student results by subject by grade can be found in the document below.

KS4 Qualifications Summary



Kineton Students Celebrate A Level Success

Congratulations to all Kineton High School Sixth Formers who celebrated A Level and AS Level success this summer.  The pass rate overall was 99% and 70% of Year 13 students achieved 3 A Levels.

% pass rate at A Level 99%
 % achieving A*-C grades at A Level 62%
 % achieving A-C grades at AS Level 50%