KHS Update – Edition 14


KHS Update – Edition 14

Published on 10th May 2019


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KHS Update – Edition 13

Published on 12th April 2019


Students raise £3,000 for the Warwickshire and Northants Air Ambulance

The charity received £3,000 and was presented with a cheque this week. Hannah Paterson, community fundraising officer for the ambulance service said: “We’re delighted to receive such a fantastic amount of money from Kineton Sixth Form.”

“Their fundraising means we can continue to support rural areas such as Kineton and the surrounding villages, who may need our helicopters in an emergency. One mission for us costs £1,700 – their cheque of over £3,000 will really help to achieve our life saving service in the future.”

She added: “We’d like to thank all the staff and pupils for their hard work and dedication.” The students also raised under £3000 for Young Minds Mental Health charity.

Helen Bridge, head of Kineton Hight School and Sixth Form said the talent on show during the week was ‘extremely impressive.’

Sixth Form Trip to Parliament

On the 5th of April, the year 12 History class and Mrs Rutherford-Edge enjoyed an incredibly inspiring trip to London to visit the Imperial War Museum and the Houses of Parliament, where we built upon our A-level courses of 20th Century Germany and British politics. Everyone found the Holocaust exhibit very moving, as the facts and figures that we read about in the text book turned into real people whose stories we were told. This contrasted with the upbeat and inspirational trip to Westminster, where we took the route that the Queen takes through Parliament when she opens it, and saw the statues of the many important figures that we are learning about in this awe-inspiring and monumental palace.

Through the exhibitions at the Imperial War Museum, and the tour guide we had round Westminster, we were able to learn interesting and useful details and insights about our course in a way that you just can’t get from a class room. For me, seeing the Palace of Westminster, where all these great political debates we have been learning about in class actually happened was the highlight of what was a really enjoyable day out.

I personally found the holocaust exhibition with the model of Auschwitz to be especially moving, seeing the scale of the camp and how it operated made something from a textbook feel very real. Seeing the flow diagram of people involved in the holocaust from gas makers, to train drivers made you re-evaluate your understanding of how many people were involved in such a horrific event. Also, standing where many Lords and MPs once debated important topics that have shaped our country was inspiring

Written by Abbie, Joe, Amy & Grace.

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