Sale of Old PE Kit

We have a number of items of old PE kit which we wish to sell. Many items are up to half price. Available while stocks last!

These items can be worn by current students. However Year 7 students starting in September must purchase the new PE Kit. The old PE will be phased out gradually.


Price List – Old PE Kit:

White Polo Shirts  £5

Rugby Shirt  £10

Game Socks  £3

Rugby Shorts  £5

Pulse Micro Fleece  £10

Trinity Tracksuit Pants  £10

Ladies Tracksuit Pants £10


Items from the Old PE Kit sale can be purchased through the ‘Uniform Sale’ link, which can be found under the ‘Links’ heading on the website or purchased in school by cash or cheque.

Exam Results

Exam Results

Results will be available to collect between 9.30am-11am.

GCE/A Level Thursday 16th August 2018

GCSE Thursday 23rd August 2018

Year 10 Summer Science Homework

Dogs for Good – Donations of Soft Toys needed!

The Warwickshire Support Group for Dogs for Good are currently looking for donations of soft toys. They use soft toys in different ways on their stalls at events like the River Festival in Stratford upon Avon in order to raise funds for Dogs for Good.

If you have any soft toys that you would like to donate please bring them to our Visitor Reception by Wednesday 18th July.

Thank you!

Year 7 Induction Days – Quote from a Year 6 Student

Below is a quote from a Year 6 student emailing his mum after Day 1 of the Year 6 into 7 Induction Days at the beginning of the month:

‘I had the best day in the world

Everyone seems to know me

The lessons where amazing all the teachers were awesome

I got a certificate for doing really well in maths and got 5 house points

Also I saw all my friends from football and from cricket also the field is massive

All the year 7s were chatting to me and playing football with me

And all of their friends I made friends with too and its amazing I’m in redgrave

The music teacher said I was good at music so I’ve lots of friends boys and girls

So yeah its amazing’