Learning Resource Centre

Our attractive, busy and lively Learning Resource Centre is an important and integral part of the school, enhancing and enriching not only learning but also your leisure time.  It is an ideal research and work area for classes or individual study.  
 The Learning Resource Centre caters for all abilities and enthusiastic staff are always on hand to help with enquiries and to offer advice to you on your selection of resources, both for research and for reading for pleasure.

I bet you didn’t know that just reading for pleasure will increase your attainment?  So open the door and come in now.

Everyone is welcome to use the Learning Resource Centre at any time.  With the teacher’s permission, students are able to use the resources during lesson time, individually or in groups.  Students are taught research skills and Library staff work alongside teachers, supporting learning.



Follow our Learning Resource Centre on Twitter @khslibrarian to find out our news.


Opening Hours Monday to Friday – 8.15am till 2.45pm and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school – 2.45pm till 3.45pm.
Resources In addition to a full range of regularly updated fiction and non fiction books, newspapers, managzines and journals we also have networked computers with internet access, colour printer, photocopier, newspapers and magazines.  Stationery (pens, paper etc) is also on sale.
Homework Club After school, you can use the Learning Resource Centre facilities, or simply relax with a good book!
Student Librarians We run a Student Librarian scheme with volunteers from Year 7 upwards who provide invaluable support each break and lunchtime.


Follow these links to find out more about the Learning Resource Centre:

New Student Guide 2015-16

KS3 Suggested Reading 2016


Use this link to borrow and read eBooks from the Warwickshire Library Service anywhere, anytime and  on multiple devices.  Students should see Mrs Johnson for a log-in so that they can download books.



Remember – reading can seriously improve your mind so get your head into a book today.

Looking for something to read then have a look at:







Warwickshire Libraries have a wealth of information and resources for students to use – http://library.warwickshire.gov.uk/iguana/www.main.cls?surl=librarycatalogue

Or go directly the Warwickshire Libraries reference section http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/onlinereferencelibrary

Students need their card numbers to access some resources, and they will need their card number and their pin number to access some non-Warwickshire resources, but which have authorised links through the library website.


Some useful links for helping with English and Maths:




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