Business Studies & ICT

Business Studies

We aim to inspire our students by offering a course that is 100% relevant to the world of work. This is achieved through the development of a solid understanding of the modern business environment.  We cover workplace organisation, recruitment and selection and the impact that ICT has had upon business activity amongst many other topics.  Many of our students go on to study business-related subjects in higher education.

Curriculum Content

Year 10 – The Business Environment, Business Organisation, Recruitment and Selection, Training, Research Skills, E-commerce and Internet Security

Year 11 – Business skills in Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Word Processing, Presentation and Database and Spreadsheets

Year 12 – People in the Workplace, Investigating Marketing and Investigating Business

Year 13 – Business Development, Motivating & Managing Workers and Organising An Event


At Key Stage 4 we offer AQA GCSE in Business & Communication Systems
At Key Stage 5 we offer Edexcel GCE in Applied Business

For further information please contact Mr J Keevill.




Our ICT courses will be changing to Computing to reflect government policy, BUT more importantly the needs of employers in an ICT dependant society.  We seek to engage and stimulate learners whilst providing them with a level of understanding which equips them for employment or further education.

Curriculum Content

Year 7 – File Management, Threats To E-safety, Desktop Publishing, Research Skills, Spreadsheets, Databases and Block Coding Skills

Year 8 – Emailing, Animation (Stop Motion and Flash), How Computers Work, Further Programming Skills, Web Design, Spreadsheets and Cryptography

Year 9 – Text Based Programming, Threats to E-safety, Integrated Project Work, Image Editing (Photoshopping) and social implications of using ICT.


At Key Stage 4 we offer a full OCR GCSE in ICT alongside a GCSE in Computer Science.

The GCSE in ICT covers 4 topics

  • ICT in today’s world – an exam based unit covering computer and network components, manipulating data, ICT systems and ICT and modern living.
  • Practical application in ICT – a coursework based unit covering the development of a solution from investigating a need to presenting a solution.
  • ICT in context – an exam based unit requiring the use of pre-released material. This unit covers innovation in ICT and its practical use.
  • Creative use of ICT – this is a coursework based unit where students have the opportunity to be creative with ICT using web site design software or problem solving using a text based coding program.


The GCSE in Computer Science covers 3 topics

  • The theory of Computer Science
  • An investigation into Computing Systems
  • Coding a solution to a problem


At Key Stage 5 we offer the OCR Cambridge Technicals.

This qualification provides the flexibility for students to pursue some of their interests in either the more technical approach to ICT or in their development of their creative use of ICT.  No matter which route they choose, students will gain a firm grounding of ICT at organisational and system level.

The qualification has the same points value as any other A-Level and is accepted as part of the UCAS process.

The UCAS point value is as follows

Distinction * = 140

Distinction = 120

Merit = 80

Pass = 40



For further information please contact Mr J Keevill or Mr D Wicks.