Design Technology

Key Stage 3

In Design Technology at KHS, our aim is for each Key Stage 3 student to gain experiences, practical skills and knowledge and understanding in a wide range of material areas.  We aim for students to develop practical ability, problem solving skills, innovation and aesthetic appreciation.

Key Stage 3 follow a ‘carousel’, and each student will gain a range of experiences although each student may not experience exactly the same rotations as another.  Our aim is for each student at KS3 to gain as wide a range of DT material areas as possible.  Material areas available include food, textiles, graphics, electronics and resistant materials.

Here is an overview of the module titles typically taught to each year group.  There may be variations due to staffing and timetabling.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Food Food Skills and Healthy Eating Cereals Eggs
Textiles Basic Skills/Colour Appreciation Little Monster Toy
Graphics Introduction to Graphics & Pop Up Card Packaging a Toy Card Game
Resistant Materials/ Electronics Steady Hand Game Wind Vane/Door Bell Clock Pic Puzzle

We hope that each pupil will gain as broad an experience as possible.

Key Stage 4

Design Technology GCSEs currently being offered include:

Electronic Product
Food Preparation and Nutrition
Graphic Products
Resistant Materials

When staffing allows Textiles has also been offered.

Key Stage 5

Currently we offer BTEC Art and Design Level 3 (EDEXCEL).  When the demand occurs and numbers allow we also offer A Levels in subjects such as Product Design, Electronics and Graphics with Materials Technology.

For further information please contact Ms V Jordan.