At Kineton High School we aim to produce competent, confident, independent learners who are provided with the appropriate mathematical skills, understanding and experiences for their future. Our aim is to lay a broad and secure foundation for meeting the examination courses that follow in Years 10 and 11, whilst making mathematics enjoyable.  Our students are encouraged to discover relationships, solve problems creatively and enjoy the satisfaction of making connections between topic areas.

The mathematics department at Kineton has its own website – here you can find information and support to help you with your Maths.




At Key Stage 3 students begin their studies towards their GCSE. They are stretched and extended throughout the Key Stage and monitored rigorously to ensure good progress is made. Mymaths is used as an online learning and additional homework resource.

In Key Stage 4 our current Year 11 are completing their GCSE in mathematics, following the Edexcel 1MAO syllabus.  All students are now working towards the new (1-9) GCSE where they will receive a grade from 1 to 9 instead of an A to G grade.  Some Year 11 students will also take the AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics Qualification.

At Key Stage 5 we offer A-Level Mathematics following the AQA syllabus and Further Maths A-Level still following the AQA syllabus. The content for A-Level Maths has now been standardised to include pure, mechanics and statistics with all the exams being sat at the end of Year 13.


For further details please contact Mr Simon Richmond, Learning Leader for Mathematics.