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The Science Department at Kineton High School give students Science lessons that cover a range of different skills that can be transferable across the curriculum.  Our Science teachers are dynamic and offer a range of activities within their lessons.  We aim to provide students with a varied Science curriculum that can lead on to further education.

Key Stage 3

Students are assessed using Assessing Pupil Progress criteria that assesses skills and also content based levelled tests.

Year 7 – Fusion 1

Covering topics;

Biology: Cells, Organs and Reproduction
Chemistry: Acids, Alkalis and Particles
Physics: Electricity, Magnestism and Forces


Year 8 – Fusion 2

Covering topics;

Biology: Body Systems and Ecology
Chemistry: Different Materials and Rocks
Physics: The Solar System, Heat and Sound


Year 9 – Fusion 3 (until the Year 9 exams)

Covering topics;

Biology: Microbes, Disease, Variation and Genetics
Chemistry: Metals and Chemical reactions
Physics: Energy, Electricity, Forces and Motion


Key Stage 4

We offer a range of courses at GCSE.

Triple Award Science – This is offered to the highest attaining students at KS3. We follow the AQA course where students study all 3 Sciences, getting 3 GCSE’s.  All examinations are at the end of Year 11, with the exception of the coursework component (ISA’s) which are completed in School over the 2 years.

Dual Award Science – This is offered at Higher and Foundation level. Students complete an AQA Core Science GCSE in Year 10 and an AQA Additional Science GCSE in Year 11.  The GCSE’s contain elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and the coursework component (ISA) is completed in School.

BTEC Science – This is offered to students as an alternative to GCSE’s. Students follow the EdExcel BTEC course. Students complete 75% portfolio based projects in the Sciences each Year and a 25% Examination at the end of each Year.


Key Stage 5

A-level’s are offered in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, all following the AQA course.


For more information about Science at Kineton High School please contact Mrs J Stephens.