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Your support and feedback is essential to us and highly valued by the school. Should you at any time have information you wish to share with us or a concern or question regarding your child’s progress or welfare please in the first instance contact their form tutor or the relevant member of teaching or support staff.  For more serious concerns please contact the appropriate Curriculum Learning Leader for subject specific matters or your child’s Head of House. Alternatively telephone the school or email enquiries@kinetonhighschool.org.uk.

If you should need to contact the Headteacher please use the email address enquiries@kinetonhighschool.org.uk or phone the school and ask for the Heads PA. Please note that the Senior Management Team run regular drop in sessions. For dates please see below.

Staff Role Email
Business Studies & ICT  
Mr J Keevil Learning Leader Business Studies & ICT j.keevil@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr D Wicks Assistant to Learning Leader d.wicks@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs J Darker-Larkings Teacher of Business Studies j.darker-larkings@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Design & Technology 
Ms Vicki Jordan Learning Leader Design & Technology v.jordan@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr P Lewis Assistant to Learning Leader p.lewis@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss T Bigham Teacher of Design & Technology t.bigham@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs L Harris Learning Leader English l.harris@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss L Hooper Assistant to Learning Leader l.hooper@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss A Balloch Teacher of English a.balloch@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs C Brookes Teacher of English c.brookes@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs L Hardwick Teacher of English / Head of Redgrave House l.hardwick@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Ms W Hughes Teacher of English w.hughes2@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Dr N Lockhart Teacher of English n.lockhart@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss R Nash Teacher of English r.nash@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Expressive Arts 
Ms S Evans Learning Leader Expressive Arts s.evans@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss G Loveridge Assistant to Learning Leader I/c Music & Drama g.loveridge@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr J Mattacola Teacher of Music j.mattacola@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss B Reeder Teacher of Music b.reeder@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss C Purnell Teacher of Art / Head of Hoy House c.purnell@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr J Stather Teacher of Art j.stather@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr M Davies Learning Leader Humanities m.davies@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr M Spicer Assistant to Learning Leader I/c Geography m.spicer@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs K Birch Teacher of Geography k.birch@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr S Bonfield Teacher of RE & Social Sciences / Head of Ainslie House s.bonfield@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr A Bostock Teacher of Geography a.bostock@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs P Dharna Assistant to Learning Leader RE & Teacher of Social Sciences p.kandola@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr H Gowney-Hedges Teacher of History h.gowney-hedges@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs R McGrattan Teacher of RE r.mcgrattan@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Miss S Paybody Teacher of Geography s.paybody@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs S Rutherford-Edge Teacher of History s.rutherford-edge@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr S Richmond Learning Leader Maths s.richmond@kinetonhighchool.org.uk
Mr C Townsend Assistant to Learning Leader c.townsend@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs J Beattie Teacher of Maths j.beattie@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Ms L Jackson Teacher of Maths l.jackson@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr J Leahy Teacher of Maths j.leahy@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr S Moulder Teacher of Maths s.moulder@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr J Purewal Teacher of Maths j.purewal@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Modern Languages 
Miss H Sharpe Learning Leader MFL h.sharpe@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs H Foulerton Teacher of MFL h.foulerton@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs S Harrison Teacher of MFL s.harrison@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
PE & Sport 
Mrs T Green Learning Leader PE & Sport t.green@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mr J Daly Teacher of PE / Head of Adlington House j.daly@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mr S Grant Teacher of PE s.grant@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mr A Mitchell Teacher of PE a.mitchell@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
Mrs J Stephens Learning Leader Science  j.stephens@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mrs N Hancock Assistant to Learning Leader I/c KS5 n.hancock@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mr J Richardon Assistant to Learning Leader j.richardson@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mrs A Brearley Teacher of Biology  a.brearley@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mrs A Briggs Teacher of Physics a.briggs@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mrs H Garwell Teacher of Physics h.garwell@kinetonhighschool.org.uk
 Mr P Wallis Teacher of Chemistry p.wallis@kinetonhighschool.org.uk


Senior Staff Surgery

We also have opportunities for you to speak to members of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT).   Our senior staff run a drop in surgery fortnightly on a Wednesday evening 5.00 – 6.00pm or by appointment with Head’s PA (01926 640465) from 6-6.30pm.  The dates and times of our drop in surgeries in the Spring Term are:

  • Wednesday 10th January 2018
  • Wednesday 24th January 2018
  • Wednesday 7th February 2018
  • Wednesday 28th February 2018
  • Wednesday 14th March 2018
  • Wednesday 28th March 2018