PSHE is the planned opportunity to ensure personal and social development.

To promote students personal and social development through providing specific opportunities and experiences, which have particular qualities. These include: the opportunity to participate in a range of groups, to relate to others in a supportive atmosphere, to try out new roles, to take responsibility and to develop relationships.

PSHE at Kineton High School teaches the knowledge, skills and understanding to:

  • Develop self-awareness, confidence and positive self-esteem
  • Develop effective and satisfying relationships
  • Develop independence and responsibility
  • Live a healthier, safer lifestyle
  • Learn to keep yourself and others safe
  • Learn to respect the differences between people
  • Make a positive contribution to society
  • Make the most of your abilities


A broad and balanced curriculum to teach these skills will include aspects of:

Relationship and Sex Education

Drugs and Substances Education

Achieving Economic Well-Being


A planned age appropriate curriculum will be taught to all students and can be personalised to individuals and groups through the involvement of a network of external partners. These partners work with Kineton High School to ensure additional and extra services can be provided in response to individual needs. This may include the involvement of Careers Advisor, School Health Nurses, Police Liaison Workers, Social Services, Teenage Pregnancy Advisory Services, Warwickshire Drugs Team and Young Carers where appropriate.


PSHE – Overview

The table shows the spread of topics covered across the age groups.

Year Group Topics
7 Wants and Needs,



An Introduction to PSHE including Relationships, Healthy Eating, Being Healthy What is citizenship? Including Age Limits, Voting, Human Rights Alcohol and the effects Smoking and the effects Introduction to different types of drugs
AEWB RSE Citizenship Drugs and Substances
8 Option Choices

Preparing for KS4

Same Sex Relationships Contraception

Age of Consent

STIs and Staying Safe

Money and Taxes

Public services, taxation, local government

Different types of Drugs and Substances

Laws, effects and consequences

9 CV planning – strengths and skills. Writing a CV Friendships and relationships

Contraception methods


Conflict and Resolution.

Mediation, teenage crime and youth justice

Preconceived Ideas

Why risk it?


All years including Year 10 and 11 also cover various topics such as Relationships and Sex Education, CSE, Road Safety, First Aid, Drugs and Substances on our Flexible Learning Days throughout the academic year.

For more information please contact Miss T Bigham.