Sixth Form Life

The Sixth Form is an exciting time for students; it is a period of change and transition where they specialise in their studies, develop new skills and take on increased responsibility and leadership opportunities.  Lessons are purposeful and students enjoy positive relationships with their subject teachers, Sixth Form Tutors, Mrs Cottriall, Sixth Form Pastoral and Learning Manager, and Mr Gowney-Hedges, Director of Sixth Form.

At Kineton High School the common room is the centre of Sixth Form life.  Here students have a place where they are able to socialise at break and lunchtimes.  When not in formal lessons, facilities like the library and dedicated study rooms are available for private study.  Students are expected to manage their own time to enhance their own learning but we support them in developing these skills through the use of supervised study periods.  We provide a sixth form computer room but are also happy for students to bring their own laptops to utilise the Sixth Form wi fi.

Sixth Formers play a very important role at Kineton High School.  They volunteer to work with the younger students and provide positive role models. Sixth Form students develop and mature through the responsibilities that they are given, being positive role models for the lower years.  They play an active role promoting student voice and lead initiatives and events for the whole school some of which you can read about through the menu on the left.