Parents’ Views

As a school we are always interested in parents’ views.

A summary of the feedback from our 2018 Parents Questionnaire is available below. Senior managers would welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspects of this with parents. Please book onto one of our senior staff surgeries if you would like to take up this offer.

What we are doing well

Sample of parental quotes

Pastoral support including the wider curriculum, mentoring, caring for young people, working with parents




“Students are happy and motivated”

“Staff very approachable and helpful with concerns, children learning well”

“The teaching staff are really dedicated to their pupils and go out of their way to help at all hours the day and even into the evening”

“Create a warm, friendly and happy atmosphere for learning”

“Offer a family orientated, nurturing environment that motivates pupils to be the best they can be.”

“Swiftly responds to concerns. Staff very supportive when difficult issues arise and go the extra mile to ensure both the student and family are reassured.”

Teaching & Learning, academic progress, expectations


“Provides a range of work for higher and lower students and can push those who need to be”

“Making it cool to do well”

“The level of English and Maths teaching is my child getting has really brought them on over the time they have been at KHS”

“academic expectations are high & there is still a ‘family’ feel”

“The examination process coming up through the school to prepare them for end exams is very good. A lot of effort goes into it”

SEN and Transition – Supporting individual students


“My experience of SEN is fantastic”

“My daughter is happy at the school and the transition from junior school to high school was handled really well”

“We are beyond happy with Kineton school the help our son get for his dyslexia is amazing thank you so much”

Wider curriculum and Out of Hours Learning


“Events like Charity Week to develop responsibility beyond schoolwork”

“A good balance of academic and non-academic activities and after school/lunchtime clubs”

“Extra-curricular events such as shows, musical theatre and the Year 7 French trip. Charity events such as Charity week, Christmas Fair and Sports relief week.”

“Brilliant opportunities are offered for enrichment week”

What you said we need to improve.

What we are doing about these


Concerns were raised regarding the ILTS’s and the quality and quantity of homework We are reviewing our homework provision this term and will take note of the feedback on ILT’s and the current provision for homework in order to make changes for next year.
The inconsistent wearing of the school skirt We are introducing a new school skirt from September 2018.

We are making amendments to the uniform policy, including the new skirt and earrings.

Improving the fabric of the school This year we have opened a new Science bock, refurbished a suite of English classrooms, created a new visitor reception area and a business hub in the old youth centre. We will continue to do what we can in this important area with the limited resources available to us.
Reduce the number of incidents of bullying and effectively deal with any cases which are reported A new bullying policy was launched in January 18, with an assembly for students and staff training. Cases are being followed up according to this policy and a review with students will take place in July 18. Governors reviewed aspects of this policy in April 18.
Ensure that behaviour for learning is of a high standard in all lessons A new behaviour policy was introduced, with support and guidance from a Parents’ forum, in September 18 with an assembly to students and staff training. This is being monitored and will be reviewed this term.

We are working closely with parents and outside agencies to improve issues with a small cohort of students. Our new SENCO who started recently is making a significant impact in this area.

Continue to improve our communication with parents. The website is improving daily and the daily bulletin is now available to parents.

Twitter is also being used more regularly to share messages

Group text messages are used to reinforce immediate whole school messages.

Our parent consultation evenings for the behaviour and bullying policies were well attended and very useful in informing the final policy

Staff emails are now on the school website

Look at further ways we can empower parents to support their child’s learning


Heads of English, ,Maths and Science have communicated regularly with Year 11 parents regarding support for the GCSE exams

We will be making this a strand of the School Improvement Plan next year

We will be reviewing our use of data and how this is shared in a meaningful way with parents

Kineton High School – Student Voice Feedback 2018

What you said we need to improve: What we are doing about these:
The new student newsletter to be more publicised. Now on the daily bulletin. Displayed on the DDB. Form tutors to share with students during registration.
More seating areas to be available outside. Benches moved outside. More seating available on the field and outside the science block.
You would like more inter-house sports at break and lunch time. Handball, penalty shootouts and indoor athletics have all run. 6th form to take a bigger role in lunch & break events next year.
Students should be able to wear earrings. From September, students can wear one set of stud earrings.
The DDB photos were outdated, particularly the ones linked to sport. Photos have been updated.
We should have a replacement for the Sponsored Walk. October to include a key sponsored sports event.
More consistency with the behaviour policy warning system. To be addressed in staff training in September.
School should give money to a wider range of charities. Non-uniform days have contributed to different charities – students have had an input into which ones.
Some areas of the school needed repainting and looked scruffy. The Konnect Hub has been refurbished. Upper floor has been repainted. Science block opened.

200x200-small-squareParent View is an Ofsted-initiated online questionnaire that allows parents and carers to give their views on their child’s school at any time of the year.

Parent View was produced with the assistance of a panel of parents who helped shape the questions and the way the site functions. The questionnaire covers a range of topics, including quality of teaching, bullying, behaviour and levels of homework. It allows parents to give a view about their child’s school on each issue, with a final question as to whether or not they would recommend the school to other parents.

The questionnaire does not allow free text comments but invites responses to a series of closed questions.

A link to the Parent View website is shown below: