Due to the pandemic, exam boards were asked by the government to share advance information regarding what would be assessed with students.  Many subjects had already published details of what would be assessed in the Autumn Term.  For example, details were shared with students regarding reduced content in English Literature GCSE, while, in Maths, students were informed that they will be able to use a formula sheet this year to aid memory of key facts. On 7th February, all exam boards published any final pieces of advance information that students would be given prior to the examinations.

Teachers have interpreted this information, and shared it with the students in their classes.

You can find specific information regarding the advance information for each exam board on the website link below:


Upcoming Mock Exams have been adjusted where necessary to reflect this information, and all subsequent revision will take into account any published advance information

GCSE 2022 Maths Information Booklets


Year 10 Mock Exams