Special Education Needs


The Special Educational Needs team is a group of specialised teachers and Learning Support Assistants led by the school SENCO.

The team offers a variety of support throughout all Key Stages for students and teachers.  It encompasses activities that develop life, social and communication skills as well as providing vital curriculum support.  Our aim is to empower every student to achieve their highest potential.

We support students with different levels of need and we are experienced with working with students at School Action, School Action Plus and with a Statement of Need.

Along with the rest of the school we are focussed on continuous improvement.  The SEND team has a discrete plan within the whole Kineton High School Development Plan.  Our priority for 2019 is to raise levels of achievement for students at School Action.  Students on the SEND register make good progress in English, Maths and Science.

More information on Special Educational Needs can be found here:

SEN Information Report September 2019


For further information or to talk to someone about Special Educational Needs please email: SEND@kinetonhighschool.org.uk 

Further support and information from Warwickshire County Council can be found on their website.