Business Studies & ICT

Business Studies

Our vision for Business students at Kineton High School is wide-ranging. We believe that a strong background in Business education is a key ingredient in preparing students for a career in any setting. In addition to this, many of our students go on to pursue Business-related subjects at University and we aim to ensure that they receive an experience which thoroughly prepares them for this. 

We aim to foster a creative culture with strong elements of enterprise. Students will investigate how businesses of all shapes and sizes operate in a variety of markets. They will also have the opportunity to research, plan and deliver a pitch for a given product. Along the way, students will develop the following transferable skills:  

  • Strong communication skills (oral and written) 
  • Analytical and critical thinking 
  • Problem solving 
  • Decision making 
  • Presentation and report writing skills 
  • Numeracy and an understanding of how to interpret and use financial data 
  • Self-motivation, initiative and effective time management 
  • Project and resource management 
  • An awareness of the legal, social and economic factors that affect businesses and their customers 


For further information please contact Mr J Keevill.


Computer Science

By the end of KS3, we expect our students to have developed a good set of computational thinking skills.  In practical terms, this means that they will relish the opportunity of tackling complex problems in a disciplined and focused way.  

Students will recognise that success does not always come at the first attempt and will persevere to try out alternative approaches when solving problems. Their solutions will need to be communicated in a way that both a computer and human can understand. This might be a line of computer code or a short presentation. 

Computational thinkers are team-workers and our students will have the ability to work effectively with others. They will be able to express their ideas confidently whilst respecting the input of their peers. 

We also appreciate that success in a modern workplace or academic institution will require our learners to develop a variety of skills in a range of software applications. Computer scientists or not, workers of the future will need to excel in their use of spreadsheets, word processors and databases. 

The curriculum plan for each subject demonstrates the planned progression for students across a key stage. It is therefore a strategic document to ensure that all students receive the same key curriculum whilst enabling staff to develop their lessons to adapt to the needs of their individual students. As a result there may be some adaption to the timescales of the overviews, but the key assessment points will provide the means to ensure that all students have benefited from the agreed curriculum.

KS3 Computer Science Curriculum Plan

For further information please contact Mr J Keevill or Mr D Wicks.


Exam Boards

  • KS4 Business – OCR (Cambridge National in Enterprise & Marketing is the full qualification title)
  • KS4 Computer Science – OCR (GCSE)
  • KS5 Applied Business – OCR (Cambridge Technical (Level 3) Business)
  • KS5 Business – Edexcel (A-Level)
  • KS5 IT – OCR (Cambridge Technical (Level 3) Information Technology)
  • KS5 Computer Science – OCR (A-Level)