Design Technology

The DT department at Kineton High School are committed to delivering a curriculum accessible to all, which provides the broadest possible range of opportunities for students. We aim to encourage our students to become independent, motivated and confident learners who can become great team members too.  We encourage students to develop practical skills as well as technical knowledge.  We want our learners to be analytical and develop evaluation skills with their creativity.

We believe that students learn best by doing, and practical work is at the heart of learning at KS3 and 4.  We embrace new ideas whilst retaining the best traditional skills and practices.  We also want our students to become better citizens, consumers and responsible adults who can not only apply the skills they learn to future learning and a career but also their own everyday life and home.  Environmental, social and ethical responsibilities of designers, manufacturers and consumers underpin our projects.

We value both academic and vocational skills and their importance in the world we live.

We want to engender happy students who are proud of their creations and achievements.

The curriculum plan for each subject demonstrates the planned progression for students across a key stage. It is therefore a strategic document to ensure that all students receive the same key curriculum whilst enabling staff to develop their lessons to adapt to the needs of their individual students. As a result there may be some adaption to the timescales of the overviews, but the key assessment points will provide the means to ensure that all students have benefited from the agreed curriculum.

KS3 Food Curriculum Plan

KS3 Graphics Curriculum Plan

KS3 Resistant Materials Curriculum Plan

For further information please contact Ms V Jordan.


Exam Boards

  • KS4 Design Technology – AQA GCSE (specialism in Graphics or Resistant Materials)
  • KS4 Food Preparation & Nutrition – AQA GCSE
  • KS5 Design Technology Product Design – AQA A Level