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The Limits of my language are the limits of my world’ 

‘Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savour their songs’ Nelson Mandela 

An experienced and inclusive team, the English Department at Kineton High School are committed to delivering the very best education to our students. We aim to equip all young people in our care with the skills to not only be functionally literate in the wider world but also to be imaginative, creative thinkers capable of exhibiting empathy, taking risks and showing resilience. Our overriding aim is that students are able to communicate skillfully and confidently. 

Our curriculum is driven by a focus on the key skills needed, not only for GCSE, but for life. There is real emphasis placed on the importance of talk and students become confident orators both within groups and as individual presenters, culminating in their GCSE Spoken Language assessment. Talk is used as a tool to generate and evaluate ideas, to develop team work and to build personal confidence. In addition to this, we are passionate about sharing our love of reading for pleasure and dedicate curriculum time to this. All students at KS3 spend an hour a fortnight reading for pleasure in our well-resourced library which is enhanced through the use of the Accelerated Reader programme.  Naturally, reading evolves into writing and we encourage our students to become independent, accurate and creative writers who are well prepared to cope with the demands of a range of tasks. This is facilitated through lessons that focus on a full range of genres.

We also aspire to offer a rich range of extra-curricular activities. We actively celebrate World Book Day, have guest authors and poets in to speak to students and conduct workshops, have visiting theatre groups come into school and have also recently offered enrichment activities at the RSC and attended the PIXL conference. 

The curriculum plan for each subject demonstrates the planned progression for students across a key stage. It is therefore a strategic document to ensure that all students receive the same key curriculum whilst enabling staff to develop their lessons to adapt to the needs of their individual students. As a result there may be some adaption to the timescales of the overviews, but the key assessment points will provide the means to ensure that all students have benefited from the agreed curriculum.

KS3 English Curriculum Plan

For further information please contact Mrs L Harris.

Media Studies

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. Malcom X 

In this modern world of omnipresent social media and the increasing pressure it brings it has never been more important for our young people to be knowledgeable about all aspects of the media. Here at Kineton we believe that pupils should leave our care with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves online, to understand how images are created and altered and to be aware of how audiences are targeted and manipulated. Alongside this we also endeavor to highlight how modern media is a form of self-expression, how social media can be used as a positive tool within society and to use a wide variety of media platforms to increase our pupils’ cultural capital and wider knowledge of the world. 

The Media curriculum is driven by the need to study 18 varied media platforms covering a range of genres and audiences with the intention that pupils are introduced to media that widens their horizons and helps them to move beyond niche interests.  

It is also important to us that our pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of the institutions that work behind the scenes to create the image or product they see. Therefore, we spend time in lessons looking in detail at institutional aspects of media products and platforms.     

Exam Boards

  • KS4 English Language – AQA GCSE
  • KS4 English Literature – AQA GCSE
  • KS4 Media – AQA GCSE
  • KS5 English Language – AQA A Level
  • KS5 English Literature – AQA A Level (specification A)