Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages 

French and Spanish are communication subjects and as such provide vital skills for all students both in foreign languages, and in their own. We aim to create confident speakers who are resilient and risk takers. Successful linguists are unafraid of making mistakes and relish the challenge of understanding, speaking and writing in a different language, manipulating what they know to get their message across. They are able to make links between languages and recognise patterns and structures in words and grammar. Learning a language develops character, confidence and communication. 

In Year 7, the year group is divided equally into either French or Spanish and students continue with this language into Year 8 and beyond. Exceptional and committed linguists in the past have been able to pick up the second language at GCSE level.  

Each MFL lesson focuses on all four skills of language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a heavier focus on the more active of these, speaking and writing. Staff use target language in lessons and students are encouraged to participate vocally; the more they speak, the better the language development.  

We follow the AQA syllabus at GCSE, and the foundations for this are set at KS3 using Studio for French and Viva for Spanish throughout KS3 and KS4. In their GCSE exams, students are tested on all four skills, that each carry 25% of the mark, and to prepare for this, in every MFL class, students are assessed in all of the four skills at the end of every topic, roughly every half term. 

Vocabulary learning is set regularly as homework, and students are tested on their comprehension and spelling. Parental support here is very useful! 

We run trips each year for all MFL students. In Years 7 and 8, the Spanish students have the opportunity to spend 4 days in Valencia, whilst the French students travel to Nantes. Our GCSE students travel to Granada or La Rochelle, and our A level students spend a week undertaking Work Experience in their chosen country. The trips focus on both language activities and cultural awareness, and have been hugely successful since their introduction. 

The curriculum plan for each subject demonstrates the planned progression for students across a key stage. It is therefore a strategic document to ensure that all students receive the same key curriculum whilst enabling staff to develop their lessons to adapt to the needs of their individual students. As a result there may be some adaption to the timescales of the overviews, but the key assessment points will provide the means to ensure that all students have benefited from the agreed curriculum.

KS3 French Curriculum Plan

KS3 Spanish Curriculum Plan


Recommended Language Websites

Support outside of lessons is encouraged through the use of language specific websites. The following are highly recommended:



http://www.linguascope.com/ (KS3 – user name and password provided by MFL teacher)

http://www.linguastars.com/ (KS4 – user name and password provided by MFL teacher)


For further information please contact Miss H Sharpe.


Exam Boards

  • KS4 French – AQA GCSE
  • KS4 Spanish – AQA GCSE
  • KS5 French – AQA A Level
  • KS5 Spanish – AQA A Level