Physical Education

In Physical Education at KHS we want to inspire young people to participate in and enjoy physical activity, and to recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle which continues into adulthood. We demand high standards from all our students and expect excellent levels of organisation, effort and behaviour.

At Key Stage 3 we believe it is far too early for students to have a single sporting activity of choice. Instead we offer them a wide range of activities and experiences whatever their ability level. During this stage they are taught knowledge, skills and understanding across the following activities; Football, Netball, Rugby, Hockey, Badminton, Handball, Cricket, Leadership, Dance, Gymnastics, Health and Fitness, Trampolining, Tennis, Rounders, Athletics, Swimming *These activities might change each year dependent on the years groups curriculum plan.

At Key Stage 4 we now believe that students can make informed choices and, whilst still offering traditional activities across the curriculum, we also allow students to the opportunity to opt into a range of activity blocks bases on their preferences of what is available to them. In addition to this students also have the opportunity to study BTEC Level 2 Sport (See Mr Daly for more details) through the option system.

At Key Stage 5 we offer BTEC Level 3 Sport (See Mr Grant for more details).

Sport continues to play an influential part in students school lives in that many students help coach younger students and lead inter-house activities. We are hugely proud of all students that represent our school sports teams against other South Warwickshire schools in a variety of competitions and friendly fixtures.

The curriculum plan for each subject demonstrates the planned progression for students across a key stage. It is therefore a strategic document to ensure that all students receive the same key curriculum whilst enabling staff to develop their lessons to adapt to the needs of their individual students. As a result there may be some adaption to the timescales of the overviews, but the key assessment points will provide the means to ensure that all students have benefited from the agreed curriculum.

KS3 PE Curriculum Plan

For further information please contact Mr Sam Grant.


Exam Boards

  • KS4 PE – Edexcel GCSE Syllabus 1PE0
  • KS4 Sport – Edexcel BTEC Level 1/2 Award
  • KS5 Sport – Edexcel BTEC Level 3


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