Students value Science as a subject, they develop their curiosity of Science in the wider world and are challenged to ensure they succeed.

Science is diverse and exciting, and our Science department helps students to explore the world around them and understand so many things that have relevance to daily life. Scientific enquiry is at the heart of our curriculum and all units of work feature an investigation designed to develop their curiosity.

At KS3 (Years 7 and 8) the department has developed its own scheme covering the national curriculum and uses Nelson Thornes ‘Fusion’ to divide content. Scientific enquiry skills are taught throughout the course and assessed during each topic via an investigation.

At KS4 (Years 9-11) Year 9 all study the AQA triple award course, students are then opt at the end of Year 9 to study triple Science or combined science trilogy through Years 10 and 11.

At KS5 the department offers three Advanced Level courses. AQA Biology, AQA Chemistry and AQA Physics.  All Advanced Level courses are taught by specialists.

Science teachers set high expectations and employ a range of assessment methods. Independent learning in KS4 is set at the start of the year and monitored fortnightly. Teachers offer supportive feedback so students can track their own progress and set targets.

The department offers a range of STEM and OOHL opportunities including the EES scheme for KS5, the big bang fair, dissection club and the Physics factor.

KS3 Curriculum Plan

For more information about Science at Kineton High School please contact Miss J Perks.


Exam Boards

  • KS4 Combined Science – AQA GCSE
  • KS4 Science Triple Award (Foundation or Higher) – AQA GCSE
  • KS5 Biology – AQA A Level
  • KS5 Chemistry – AQA A Level
  • KS5 Physics – AQA A Level


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